Welcome Gardeners

If you are new to the clay and sandy soil here in the Carolina's You will find we spend a great deal of time amending our soil and keeping things watered. Gardening is not just about digging a hole and adding a new plant. If the soil is not amended, by summer, you will have a plant stuck in a brick like soil with no place for its roots to grow. The first thing to do is a good soil sample (extension offices) will do the test for you usually at no or nominal fee. This will tell you what your soil is lacking and needs to maintain plant life.

Check out how much sun your location gets, hot afternoon, early morning and select plants that thrive in those conditions. Is your garden area close to a water supply or will it get only rainfall as its water source. If you spend all your time dragging out that hose, gardening will not be a fun hobby. Check the labels of plants you want to add to your garden. If its going to be 6 feet wide and 10 feet tall, you wont want this as a foundation plant. Pick plants that are right for the location and will fit right in when it is a mature plant. So many thoughts to put into planning ones garden!

My hope is you will find ideas and information for your own garden and come back for updates. We also have a form you may fill out to ask your own garden question.

I would love to hear your ideas for things you would like to see here on the website.
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