ageratum houstoniam

Ageratum is a compact round plant is used to provide vivid contrast in color beds and dress up a walkway where it is used for edging. Its blue or white furry blooms are held in tight clusters above medium green foliage. When this small plant is hit by drought and extreme heat, there is no struggle to survive. Wait until all danger of frost has passed to plant Ageratum. If the ground is warm to the touch it is time to set out your plants. Space 1 foot apart or slightly closer when planting in clusters for the best display. Few gardeners start Ageratum from seed because they require two months of growing time from start to the garden.

For optimum bloom and dark foliage color, apply all-purpose liquid fertilizer monthly (twice monthly) in containers. Feed sparingly, or you will loose blooms. Water once weekly during dry spells or when leaves appear limp in the afternoon A think layer of mulch can trap water so that is soaks in rather than run off when watered. Few pests bother Ageratum.


Season of Bloom
Spring to fall
6-18 inches x 6 to 30 inches
Flower Color
Blue, Lavender, pink and White
rich, well drained.
sun to part sun.

Reference Information
Annual Information is taken from Toby Bosts book "Carolinas" Getting Started Guide.
Toby Bosts Garden Guide