pelargonium x hortorum

In the Carolinas, geraniums are grown as annuals unless a thrifty gardener digs the plants and takes them indoors for the winter months. Set plants into garden beds after the last spring frost. Afternoon shade is perferred, if given enough water they will do fine in the hot sun. Late Spring through midsummer is the best bloom time. To improve soil drainage, plant in slightly raised beds amended with bark soil conditioner. Geraniums need good air circulation, space accordingly.


Season of Bloom
Summer to Fall
10 to 20 inches x 12 to 20 inches
Flower Color
Red, Salmon, Pink, White, Orange, Coral, Magenta, and bicolors.
well drained, in raised bed.
Full Sun or afternoon shade.

Geraniums, otherwise known as pelargoniums, are easily propagated from cuttings in spring and autumn. The great thing about growing from cuttings is that you can keep the type true to the parent plant and with new young plants, you can be guaranteed of a fresh profusion of flowers.

I have also used a rooting hormone and had good luck doing that.