gerbera daisy
gerbera jamesonii

Gerbera Daisy are considered half-hardy. It is best if you wait until after danger of frost has passed. Select a site in afternoon shade near the coast, full sun elsewhere.

Gerberas like a moderate, sustained level of soil fertility. They respond well to a controlled-release fertilizer that is worked into the soil. Water your plants every 7-10 days between rains. Water the soil but keep the foliage as dry as possible. Gerbera Daisy hate to have wet feet.

The blossoms of gerberas are so large that they sap the plants energy. Cutting them for arrangements encourages more blooms to form. Slugs are the worst problem.

gerbera daisy

Season of Bloom
Summer to Fall
12 to 18 inches x 12 inches
Flower Color
All colors except blue and purple
well drained bed.
Full Sun or afternoon shade.

Reference Information
Annual Information is taken from Toby Bosts book "Carolinas" Getting Started Guide.
Toby Bosts Garden Guide


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