impatiens walleriana

The top selling bedding plant is Impatiens, including the sun tolerant New Guinea species. When established in a moist bed, they will frequently self-sow, returning the next summer for a floral display. Grow in part sun or moderate shade. They are among the most shade tolerant annuals. Sun Patiens has added alot of buzz. They have larger flowers that are bushel-basket sized. These did especially well in my porch planters this season and put on a display through the first frost.

Set out your plants after danger of frost has passed. Plant in moist well-drained soil. This plant loves humus laden soils. Newly planted impatiens are quite succulent and wilt readily if soil drys out. To get bushier plants, cut new seedlings back by one third two weeks after planting. Some varieties are bred o grow low. A supplemental feeding with dry granular flower food will provide nutrition for extra growth and color.

Sowny mildew fungus is a common problem (though Sun Patiens are resistent) Seeded impatiens are susceptible and will shed leaves if infected. Remove these promptly. Proper spacing and air circulation may provide the remedy. Slugs may also be a problem in the damp, shady enviroment that suits impatiens. Reduce slug infestation by avoiding watering at night or using a lug bait that is safe for pets and wildlife.


Season of Bloom
Summer to Fall
10 to 24 inches x 15 to 30 inches
Flower Color
wide variety of colors available
well drained, hummus rich bed.
Shade or afternoon shade.