Tagetes spp. and hybrids

Marigolds are one of the most popular annuals to grow in the Carolinas. Marigolds come in any height to use in the front or back of the garden. Marigolds preform well in the heat of our summer and so, a great choice. You can easily sow seeds directly outdoors once frost has passed. Plant in full sun in ordinary garden soil. Marigolds will do ok in part shade but, they will tend to look leggy. Do not plant in rich, high-nitrogen soil, this will produce foliage at the expense of flowers. If you prefer to have instant color you can purchase plants at your local nursery. Water weekly, more frequently when we have droughts. Leafhoppers may attack Marigolds and watch for spider mites in hot dry weather. Systemic insecticides or soap sprays will take care of most pests.

Remove spent flower blooms to promote continuous flowering. Its a good idea to stake the taller varieties for support.

American Marigold

Season of Bloom
Spring to fall
African and American 14 to 36 inches x 20 inches
French Variety: 8-12 inches x equal spread

Flower Color
Yellow, Orange to maroon, white, nearly red and bi-colors.
Ordinary Soil.
Best in Full Sun.

Reference Information
Annual Information is taken from Toby Bosts book "Carolinas" Getting Started Guide.
Toby Bosts Garden Guide