million bells

Million Bells are a relative new comer to American gardens. At first glance they appear to be small petunias but, they are a different species. This plant does best in well drained soil or the foilage tends to trap water and mold. Wait until all danger of frost has passed to set plant outdoors. Grows best in full sun or morning shade. Two types are available, mounding and trailing. In heavier soil mulch around plants with 1 inch of play sand to keep plants surface dry. Heavy feeding with Nitrogen rich plant foods can overstimulate the plants and result in sparce blooming. Million Bells are nearly care free. The mounding types planted in landscapes are subject to stem and root rot if in poorly drained, clay soils. Control leaf eating caterpillars using a spray of B.t. or handpicking. Keep foilage dry to avoid fungal molds like Botrytis.


Season of Bloom
Spring to fall
4 to 8 inches x 12 to 24 inches
Flower Color
blue, pink, red, lavender, yellow and coral
well drained.
sun to part sun.

Reference Information
Annual Information is taken from Toby Bosts book "Carolinas" Getting Started Guide.
Toby Bosts Garden Guide