viola x Wittrockiana

When I think of fall and early spring in my garden, Pansies come to mind. Bright little faces that shine in the winter months. In the Horticultural industry, pansies with slightly smaller flowers and often with solid colors are usually called "Violas". Begin setting out plants in late August and continue through fall. Grow in full sun in winter, afternoon shade if planting in the spring. If possible, plant in raised beds for better drainage. When Daffodils bloom in the spring, scatter slow-released fertilizer made for flowers or a general fertilizer that is hight in phosphorus. Make sure to wash off foliage when applying fertilizer. Mulch flower beds heavily and plant through the mulch to delay freezing of the soil.

Unfortunatly, deer love Pansy so be prepared to use a repellent.

Season of Bloom
fall through June
5x9 inches x 10 inches
Flower Color
blue, maroon, orange, red, yellow, tri-color and white.
well drained.
Full sun, part shade.

Reference Information
Annual Information is taken from Toby Bosts book "Carolinas" Getting Started Guide.
Toby Bosts Garden Guide