pentas lanceolata

A common name given to Pentas is Star Cluster Flower.
The plants support 2-3 inch wide clusters of small, star shaped flowers in a great range of pastel and dark colors. Butterflies, especially swallowtails, like the secure footing and necture provided by the clusters. The clusters look up at you, which is a visual plus in a flower with a short frame.

Buy Pentas and set them into flowerbeds or containers after danger of frost has passed. Grow in full sun or in the hot sandhills, in afternoon shade. Pentas respond to controlled-released fertilizer to feed plants untill Aughust. At planting time swirl a supplementary amount of fertilizer into the surface of the potting soil to maintain robust growth and flowering until frost kills the plants. Water pentas deeply and weekly during periods of drought and just prior to fertilizer feedings. Deadhead when you see brown clusters of flowers. Use pruning shears, the stems are tough.

Rabbits enjoy eating Pentas and deer repellent usually works
to keep them away. Pentas are seldom bothered by insects or diseases. Leafhoppers occasionally appear, but pentas recover on their own.


Season of Bloom
Summer to Fall
Ultra Dwarf: 10 inches x 8 inches
Standard: 20 inches x 15 inches
Flower Color
Red, Pink, Lavender, White .
well drained, in raised bed.
Full Sun to part Shade.

Hummingbirds love Pentas.