petunia X hybrida

Petunia are the summer workhorse of the garden. Newer varieties such as the Wave Petunia have brought back the popularity of this plant. The wave petunia has groundhugging branches that are up to 2 feet in length. They are also a good choice for hanging baskets. Dont plant your Petunias until the soil has warmed after last frost. After planting, water throughly and mulch lightly. They will need water the first few weeks after planting. Once they begin to grow, taper off to occasional irrigation. Water in the mornings to reduce the incidence of leaf diseases and blossom blight. Mulch early to retain moisture and prevent soil splash. Pinch or shear back petuna anytime they ramble too far. Root and Stem rot are common in poorly drained clay soil.


Season of Bloom
Summer to fall
16 to 24 inches x 16 to 24 inches (half that for dwarf varieties.
Flower Color
White, Pink, Purple, Red and yellow, mid-blue and dark purple.
Soil wll drained with good air circulation.
Full Sun to partial Sun, drought resistent.

Reference Information

Annual Information is taken from Toby Bosts book "Carolinas" Getting Started Guide.
Toby Bosts Garden Guide