antirrhinum majus

Many gardeners like Snapdragon so much they begin seeds indoors in late fall to have seedings ready to put out in early spring. Once hardened off by gradual exposure to cold winds, the seedlings will weather light frosts. In coastal areas, seeds can be started in pots or flats our of doors in late summer and set into the garden in October. Plant in well drained soil, in a sunny site. Afternoon shade wont hurt them. Leave space between plants for good air circulation as they mature. Weekly flow of water on the soil between plants or use drip irrigation to avoid wetting the foliage. Mix controlled-release flower fertilizer into the soil prior to planting to feed all season.

Watch for Aphids and thrips. Aphids are relatively easy to control with sprays of insecticidal soap, but thrips are difficult and may call for a combination fertilizer/systemic insecticide. Snapdragons are vulnerable to foliage diseasees.
slow draining soil will encourage root rot.


Season of Bloom
Early Summer, through mid Summer.
16 to 24 inches x 16 to 24 inches (half that for dwarf varieties.
Flower Color
Red, White, Pink, Purple, Red and Yellow.
Soil wll drained with good air circulation.
Full Sun to partial Sun.