spreading zinnia
zinnia haageana and hybrids

The Zinnia is for gardeners who dislike the care required by many annuals. The medium green leaves are resistant to powdery mildew disease, unlike the standard garden variety (Zinnia elegans) Spreading zinnias are tolerant of heat and humidity in the Carolinas, and attract butterflys.

Set out plants or sow seeds well after the frost has passed. Zinnas prefer full sun and well-drained soil in garden beds or containers. Sow seeds in lightly fertilized soil, tilled to a depth of 4-6 inches and raked smooth. Cover seeds with 1/3 inch of soil and firm them into the soils with the back of a rake. Water the bed throughly, using a watering wand or nozzle designed for misting beds. Keep the bed moist until the seeds germinate. Think seedlings 18 inches apart so the plants can develop their natural shape. In late summer, spreading zinnias can be sheared to rejuvenate the planting. If plants were not thinned properly, plants may become crowded and susceptible to mildew. They have no pests and are low-maintenance annuals.


Season of Bloom
Late Spring, Summer, through Fall.
10 to 20 inches x 10 to 20 inches
Flower Color
Red, White, Pink, Purple, Red and Yellow.
Soil wll drained with good air circulation.
Full Sun.