torenia fournieri

Torenia was made for the Carolina summer as it relishes moisture normally coming in the form of rainstorms in July.
This shade-loving plant covers the ground in a blanket of small, two lipped tubular blossoms. IT will tolerate a half-day of direct sun except in the coastal sandhill regions. Multiple flushes of blooms keep on rolling through the heat. Individual flowers have a touch of yellow in the throat and their crossing stamens, which, with some imagination, resemble a "wishbone". Sprawling torenia can be used in planter boxes, hanging baskets, and for edging in color beds in the ground.

You can start planting after the last frost. Plant in warm soil; there is no need to hurry spring. Make multiple plantings even into summer. Give Torenia morning sun in the Piedmont and afternoon shade along the coast. Controlled fertilizer is best. Water new plants thoroughly twice weekly and monitor until they begin strong growth. Once established, torenia tolerates heat, but not dryness. Mulch around plants and water when it is dry to the touch.

Keep an eye out for missing leaves, a sign of slugs or caterpillars. Gardeners can apply B.t. products or follow recommendations of your local Extension agents for other natural pesticide treatments.


Season of Bloom
Late Spring to fall
6 to 12 inches x 8x 18 inches
Flower Color
Pink, White, Rose, Lavender, Blue and Burgundy and yellow.
well drained, prone to root root.
Part Sun to Part Shade.

Reference Information
Annual Information is taken from Toby Bosts book "Carolinas" Getting Started Guide.
Toby Bosts Garden Guide