april garden chores


  • Annual flowers can be planted outside this month. Some commonly planted annuals are geranium, petunia, salvia, snapdragon, and zinnia.
  • Plant gladioli bulbs this month and continue through mid-June.
  • Many gardeners prefer to transplant azaleas in April, so they can group the plants according to their flower color.
  • Summer vegetables, like beans, cucumbers, squash, and melons can be planted this month. Our last frost usually happens in mid-April, but you may have to cover tender vegetables if a killing frost is in the forecast.
  • Continue to plant perennials, trees, and shrubs, and be prepared to water them if the soil is dry.


  • Prune April flowering plants like azalea and lilac soon after the flowers fade.
  • Prune berry producing shrubs like holly and pyracantha while in flower to prevent complete removal of all of this season’s berries.
  • Cut out any winter damage on trees and shrubs that may have occurred this year.


  • Begin weekly fruit tree sprays on apples and peaches after flower petals fall. Be sure to spray in the evening when bees are not foraging.
  • Scout out or observe your landscape plants before using an insecticide. Pests may not be present. If you find a problem and are not sure what it is, bring it into the Extension office for a diagnosis.

Lawn Care

  • Plant warm season grasses like Bermudagrass and centipede grass this month. Zoysia is planted in May.
  • Most lawns in our area are tall fescue. Do not fertilize fescue lawns with nitrogen until fall.


  • This is a good time to layer new plants by lowering a branch of your favorite shrubs and covering it with soil and a stone. Figs and blackberries are good candidates for this type of propagation.
  • You can still divide hostas,
You can still divide hostas and other perennials in April. Hostas and ornamental grasses will die out in the middle when they need dividing, creating a donut effect. If your hostas look like the one pictured here, they should be divided.
ornamental grasses, and other perennials that need it. Be sure to keep them watered once you move them.