Birds of the Carolinas

In the U.S. state of South Carolina, 424 species of bird have been recorded. This number includes the bird species that have been sighted in South Carolina and are believed to be of wild origin. Feeding birds helps them individually by providing easy food sources during severe winters and harsh migration periods.

It also helps birds collectively by fostering our understanding
of and affection for them, and by providing opportunities
for citizen scientists to collect a large, widespread body of data that is helpful for conservation purposes. Birds need our help during winter months.


Most birds that visit backyards in winter months thrive on seeds, since insects and fruit are harder to find naturally during the winter. The best foods to offer birds in colder weather have a high fat or oil content that will provide abundant energy for winter survival. Nutritious winter foods for birds include:

•Black oil sunflower seed
•Hulled peanuts
•Niger seed •Suet, mixes with seeds or fruit
•Peanut butter
•White millet seed Position feeders several feet from natural cover where birds can hide if necessary, but not so close as to allow predators a place for an ambush.

It is important to provide evergreen trees and shrubs, including native pines, American holly, yaupon, wax myrtle, and eastern redcedar, in your backyard habitat.  Also, evergreen vegetation provides nighttime roosting habitat for birds, especially during harsh winter weather.