Borago officinalis

Young leaves on Borage add a cucumber flavor to salads and are used as a vegetable. This herb can be used in brewing tea and can be added to lemonade for a cooling effect. Some people make candied Borage from the flower pods.

The plant has hollow stems with vibrant blue clusters of star-shaped leaves. This is a popular plant for bees to frequent and makes excellent honey. Seeds are found in oval seed shaped pods. Sow seeds in early spring after danger of frost has passed. Seeds can be planted in late fall to produce biennial plants that will bloom earlier the following year with larger blooms. As much as this plant is an herb it is valued for its star shaped vibrant blue flowers for the garden. Borage Borage is a good companion to tomatoes, squash, and strawberries, deterring tomato hornworms near the garden.


Season of Bloom
up to 2 feet
Flower Color
vibrant blue
Rich with compost and well drained with a pH of 6 to 7.
full Sun 6-8 hours.
Root cuttings or start from seed.