Foeniculum officinalis

Fennel is a perennial (tender) or biennial herb that looks much like dill, but is anise-scented and grows up to 4 feet tall when flowering. Young leaves are used commonly with fish and the seeds are used for flavoring teas and sausages.

Leaves are used as a flavoring agent, much like most other herbs, while the bulb is used as a vegetable.
Fennel attracts swallowtail butterfly caterpillars.

Several bronze-leafed cultivars are highly ornamental and have the same flavor. All types can self-seed to the point of invasiveness. Growing from seed is the easiest way to begin your plants as this is a difficult herb to transplant as it produces a single, easily damaged taproot.

Prune fennel plant to the ground after the first hard freeze of the year. This will help the plant survive winter. Cut back branches by several inches throughout the growing season to promote a bushier growth habit, if desired.

Season of Bloom
up to 4-5 feet
Flower Color
Yellow flower head
well drained.
full Sun 6-8 hours.
Root cuttings or start from seed.