Marjoram goes by several names including sweet marjoram, garden marjoram and annual marjoram. Marjoram has a taste very similar to Oregano but milder and sweeter. Marjoram is a subtly colored plant, with thin, gray-green leaves and, in early summer, small knot-like flowers along the stem ranging in color from lilac to white.

Marjoram will grow in an upright bush form up to 2 feet tall. Creeping golden marjoram is smaller and makes an attractive border plant.


Planting Marjoram seeds are very small and are best started indoors about six to seven weeks before the last frost. After that date the seedlings may be set out in full sun and slightly alkaline soil. When planting seeds You shouldn't’t bury the seeds too deeply. Just sprinkle a little bit of soil over top of the seeds on the surface. Keep them moist but not overly wet in a sunny spot until they sprout. Days to germination: 10 to 14 days Days to harvest: 90 to 100 days.

One should be able to start harvesting marjoram leaves for use about 3 months from when you planted the seeds. Your plants should be at least 3 inches tall, but only pick a few leaves at a time until they are 6 inches high. You will want to pick the leaves prior to the plant producing flowers or you will find the leaves become bitter.

In most areas, marjoram will not survive the winter. You can plant it in a pot in the ground and then bring the plant inside during the coldest months. It is also possible to take cuttings in spring or mid summer and keep these inside until the next spring.

Season of Bloom
spreading and mounding plant up to 2 feet tall
rich soil that's slightly alkaline.
Partial Shade or Full sun
Root cuttings or start from seed.