Verbscum thapsus

This plant has quite a few interesting names – Blanket-leaf , old man’s flannel and grandmother’s flannel (because of its soft leaves), Candlewick (from one of its uses), Jacob’s staff (referencing its height - including the flower it reached about 8’ in the field near my house), While the leaves are rather large, sometimes 16 to 18” in length, smaller at the top, ending in a rosette at the base, this plant will overwhelm a small garden.

Mullein can be striking in a larger area, especially one featuring grey plants. Its leaves are so very soft, very similar to Lamb’s Ear. Rarely do I see it offered for sale but it is a quite common sight along the roadside. It is also found in areas just recently disturbed. Stand back, it is a rapid grower


Uses: flower stalk can be dipped in oil and used as a taper. It has been used in various medicinal remedies. Several species of birds eat its seeds

Season of Bloom
up to 8-9 feet
Flower Color
flower spikes covered with yellow flowers. Blooming from June to September.
poor, dry soil, prefers open areas.
full Sun 6-8 hours.
seeds, germination 10 days, self-sows freely Growing conditions.