Salvia officinalis

a perennial bushy shrub that can reach up to 2 feet and needs lots of room. Sage is drought tolerant once established and hates wet feet. Plant by seeds when the ground has warmed up in the spring or purchase starts from a local nursery. Spring should be the time to severely prune the top of the plant to encourage new growth.

Sage is a plant native to the Mediterranean region and thrives in lots of sun and good drainage. Sage varieties include Broadleaf, Clary and Pineapple.

In zone 7 pineapple sage is a tender perennial and if cut back to about 1-2' from ground, prior to a hard frost and mulch over with good top set of old leaves and insure a better chance of return in the spring. Sage is believed to help digestion and is used in tea to aid digestion. Cooks also like to make sausage using Sage as a flavoring and it is used in cooking pork as well.


Season of Bloom
Summer/treat as tender Perennial
up to 3 feet
well drained.
full Sun 6-8 hours.
stem cuttings that are stuck in a mixture of sand, loam, and leaf mold.