As with most herbs, Santolina has its origins in the Mediterranean area. With the development of trade routes, it spread to England. There is found wide-spread use in beautiful knot gardens. By shaping in spring then lightly trimming through the growing season either the green or gray variety found a new home. Or both can be used for appealing contrasts. As with most herbs these plants need little fertilizer, plants can easily be trimmed but do not heavily trim in hot weather

This plant makes a nice specimen plant in an herb garden or any place in the garden. Its fragrance is slightly reminiscence of true lavender. It makes a nice edging for walkways or in the front of a flower bed. Leaves have a feathery appearance, a nice contract to most foliage.

Season of Bloom
up to 2 feet
well drained.
full Sun 6-8 hours.
Root cuttings.