Stevia rebaudiana

Stevia likes well drained soil no matter if planted in the ground or a container.

It is easy to start seeds indoors in late winter under grow lights but best to start from healthy root cuttings. You can also purchase plants from your local nursery. Stevia likes full sun but, here in the Carolinas it likes some afternoon shade.

Stevia dies back during winter, and considered a tender perennial. Roots need good drainage or root rot can be a problem. Stevia has few insect problems.

Dry stems for use during winter months. Stevia is used as a sweetener in drinks and cooking.

As soon as the plant flowers, the leaf production slows down, so it is an advantage to nip off flower buds, to encourage further leaf development. If left to flower the plant tends to die out so, keep the plant cut back.

Season of Bloom
1-3 feet tall.
well drained.
full Sun part shade
root cuttings or start from seed/root cuttings in spring