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Gardening Carolina

Appalachian Mountains,Piedmont and the
Coastal areas.

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Garden information

The purpose of this site is to aid the home gardener in finding information that applies to our garden specifics for the Appalachian Mountains,Piedmont and the Coastal areas.
Many things about gardening remain the same no matter your zone so basic plant information will also be included. If you are looking for information is the place to keep returning to learn more about this great hobby.
A good place to start learning about Carolina gardening is the site North Carolina

USDA Plant Hardiness Zone

Weather varies significantly from one part of North Carolina to South Carolina. Plants that flourish in one part of the state may do poorly or fail in another area

Did you Know?

bachelor button

Cornflower Centaurea cyanus Prohibited by the State of North Carolina. One of many people’s favorite wildflowers is this true blue beauty, also called “Bachelor’s Button.” So easy to grow, so beautiful in a vase, and so famous in gardens, it’s a wildflower (native to Europe) many people really enjoy in their wild meadows. However, it is aggressive in the southeast, and one state, North Carolina, has actually prohibited it.

Read more about Invasives.


More Food From Small Spaces

Take a look at a new book from Margaret Park on growing food in small spaces. Help for those with limited yard space but want to enjoy the benefits of growing there own vegetables. Spacing plants closely, training them to grow up, not out,sowing new crops throughout the year in very fertile soil (she tells you how in the book) Our soils here are like cement and very much like the one she works with in her garden. This book includes fresh new ideas for maximizing cultivation area,building a protable greenhouse,vertical gardening,increasing soil minerals and introducing beneficial micro-organisms, making compost in a small space and protecting the garden temperature extremes, I especially love that Margaret fosters the practice of natural,organice methods of weed and insect control All in all, this is a must have book full of information for the home gardener.

Food for small spaces

 Click on pic to order her book or read more information.

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