Gardening by the month


Plants in Flower

Southern Magnolia, Golden Chain Tree, Mimosa, Smoketree, Rosebay Rhododendron, Oakleaf Hydrangea, Sweet Azalea, Gardenia, Rose, Summer Spirea, Florist Hydrangea, Yucca, Gumpo and Satsuki Azaleas, Hypericum, Trumpet Creeper, Phlox, Butterfly Weed, Daylily, Balloon Flower, Stokesia, Coreopsis, Poppy, Canna, Red Hot Poker, Rose-of-Sharon and summer annuals.

    General Pruning

  • Late June is the time to prune white pine. Trim new growth only.
  • Prune narrowleaf evergreens like juniper and arborvitae late this month.
  • Prune the bigleaf or florist hydrangea when the flowers fade.
  • Trim hedges as needed.
  • Remove water sprouts on any fruit trees and crabapple trees.
  • Cut off faded flowers of phlox, shasta daisy and daylily to encourage a second flowering.
  • Trim dried up foliage from your spring flowering bulbs.
  • Prune off dieback of hybrid rhododendron.
  • Pinch your chrysanthemums to encourage branching.

  • General Spraying

  • Check your asparagus plants for the asparagus beetle. Spray with the recommended insecticide if beetles are observed.
  • Continue with rose spray program.
  • Watch for dark brown spots on your tomato leaves. If observed, spray with a fungicide for early blight.
  • Spray herbicides on the following woody weeds: poison ivy, honeysuckle and kudzu.
  • Use pesticides sparingly. Spray only when needed.
    When possible use our (Non Toxic Bug Spray)