Gardening by the month


Plants in Flower

Saucer Magnolia, Bradford Pear, Flowering Cherry, Forsythia, Star Magnolia, Breath-of- Spring (Winter Honeysuckle), Spirea, Flowering Quince, Carolina Jessamine, Periwinkle, Thrift, Crocus, Daffodils, Hyacinths and Tulips

winter Daphne

What you can fertilize this month.

  • Fertilize your trees and shrubs as they leaf out.
  • Prune blueberry bushes, bramble fruits, and grape vines early in the month, before they break dormancy.
  • Fertilize asparagus beds early in March before spear growth begins.
  • Before planting your vegetables, fertilize your garden as recommended by your soil test results. Lime should be applied in the autumn. If it was recommended but not applied, apply the recommended amount of lime during this month.

Specific Chores

  • Continue to divide perennials like daylily, shasta daisy, gaillardia and coreopsis this month. Cannas can also be divided this month. 
  • Check all garden equipment, lawn mowers, tillers, hedge trimmers, tools, hoses and sprayers to see if they are in good working order before they are needed.
  • Be certain that old plantings of perennials like peony, hollyhock and phlox are clean of last season's growth.
  • Apply pre emergent herbicides to your lawn late this month to help control crabgrass in turf.
    A rule of thumb is to apply pre emergent while Forsythia is in bloom.
  • Mow your tall fescue lawn as needed.
  • Prune roses before buds break.
  • Prune shrubs like abelia, mahonia and nandina this month if needed.
  • Pick off faded flowers of pansy and daffodil. Pansies will flower longer if old flowers are removed.