Gardening by the month


Tree and Shrub Planting - Fall is the ideal time for planting evergreens, conifers and deciduous plants. The cool weather permits establishment of a root system before next year's hot weather. Remember with new plantings to keep the plant watered while it is settling in.

    Bulb Planting
  • Plant Spring Flowering Bulbs
    Use a bulb fertilizer or one rounded tablespoon of 10-10-10 per square foot, incorporated at the root level.
  • You can continue to transplant your perennials throughout the fall and winter as long as they remain dormant.
  • Lawn Care

    • Winterize Your Mower
      by disconnecting the spark plug wire. Drain out all the gasoline and oil and replace the old with fresh oil. Remove and clean the filter. Pull the spark plug before storing for the winter.
    • Soil Test
      Have your soil tested now so that you are ready for the spring. Lime takes several months to change the pH of our clay soil. Lab turnaround time is shorter in the fall. Soil test kits are available at the Cooperative Extension Service Office. How to take a soil sample
    • time to mulch shrubs,perennials and trees
      for winter protection after first hard frost. Winter mulch should not be too heavy or dense but rather act as a light blanket for winter warmth.