Gardening by the month


Ornamental Grasses are especially beautiful in the fall and add winter interest to the garden. The garden mum (chrysanthemum) is one of the most exciting flowers that can be grown in the home landscape for fall color. Often overlooked is the Autumn Crocus (Colchium) which flowers in the fall. When planting Ornamental Grass in the garden take into consideration the full width and heigth at maturity of your grass. Many Ornamental Grasses can become extremely large at maturity.
    Planting this month
    Bulb Planting
    If you are planning spring color from bulbs, now's the time to order for late October and November plantings. For best landscape effect, plant groups of bulbs in between shrubs, or scatter bulbs in wooded areas; avoid plant in straight lines. Use a bulb fertilizer or use 10-10-10 at the rate of 1 rounded teaspoon per sf, incorporated into the rooting area.

      Garden Chores for Octiber

    • Clean up Annuals
      After a heavy frost, remove all blackened plants such as zinnias, petunias, marigolds, etc. Remove and destroy plant stems on any perennials which may have had diseased foliage (ie. peonies and lilies). Good sanitation now will result in fewer problems next spring.
    • Addition of Gypsum
      at 40 pounds per 1,000 square feet will help to soften the soil next spring, incorporation of generous amounts of organic matter such as compost is also very beneficial.
    • Pick bag worms
      from evergreen shrubs. This will eliminate the spring hatch from over-wintered eggs. When deciding on new trees or shrubs to plant around your home, remember to select varieties that will fit the location when they are at their mature height. This will greatly reduce pruning and other maintenance in the future.
    • Begin planting
      your bulbs for spring color.
    • Divide your Hosta
      this month-check our page in perennials are to see how to transplant and divide Hosta.
    • Put your vegetable and flower garden to bed
      for the winter by removing any spent debris. This will prevent insect and disease problems in the spring. Cultivate your garden soil now to expose pests to freezing temperatures and be ready to go in the spring.