Japanese Aucuba

Aucuba is a wonderful evergreen shrub for informal plantings, while the dense, compact form makes it useful as a free-standing specimen in small areas.
Only female plants bear red berries in fall and winter, provided there is a male plant close by.Aucuba is a great shrub for planting under pines or other talltrees and does well along the foundation on the north side of a building. If you have full sun this is not a good plant for the sunny garden as it will blacken in the sun.

Deer resistent.The most common cause of young plant failure is planting too deep. Plant the root ball no deeper than it was in the nursery. The root ball originates from the trunk)and should be located just above the soil surface. The planting hole should be at least twice the width of the root ball. Never place ANY soil over the root ball.


Pests and Diseases
Pests: Soil nematodes, aphids and scales can be a problem, sooty mold which is blackening the leaves can be a problem. Diseases:Sclerotium raulsonii may cause stem dieback occasionally. Leaf spots, root rot and gray molds are common problems.
Light requirements
Shade/part shade/deep shade.
Will tolerate some morning or filtered sun.
6 to 10 feet tall, 5 to 8 feet wide.
From softwood cuttings
semi-hardwood cuttings