Calcanthus floridus

To many Carolina gardeners no garden is complete without sweet smelling "Sweet Bubba bush."
Flowers in early spring fragrant blooms, leaves are also fragrant when crushed. Adapts to many different conditions, sun or shade. In full sun the shrub is more compact in growth.

Prune this plant in spring after blooming. Sweet Shrub has reddish brown flowers that bloom in April and May. Sweet Shrub can grow to 9 feet tall and it is a deciduous shrub. This shrub is also know as Carolina Allspice.

Sweet Shrub is very disease- and pest-resistant, and has few requirements for care. Maintenance is easy. If pruning is needed, do so immediately after flowering to shape or maintain compactness. Plants spread by suckering and if width needs to be reduced, remove outer suckers as they emerge.Sweetshrub is easy to transplant, ideally during the fall or winter after leaf fall. Rooted suckers can also be detached from the main plant and replanted.

Season of Bloom
April and May scattered bloom during summer months.
3 to 9 feet tall by 6 to 12 feet wide.
Flower Color
white or purple (deep)white reddish brown.
Gravel-Loam, Loam, Clay, Humus-rich.
Full Sun but growth will be slower while part shade is best.
cuttings in July, lightly scrape the cuttings on one side and dip in talc-based rooting material. Place cuttings in sand or a sandy rooting media. Suckers are also a good way to root new plants.