winter daphne
Daphne odor

Daphne odora is an evergreen shrub, its very fragrant, with pale-pink, tubular flowers, each with 4 spreading lobes, and for its foliage is glossy. It rarely fruits, but when it does, it produces red berries after flowering.

'Aureomarginata' is more cold hardy and has variegated leaf margin;
'Alba' has pure white blooms.

Daphne likes a neutral soil pH (between 6.5 and 7) rather than the acidic soil preferred by many blooming evergreens. If planted in the right spot this should not need pruning but if you do early spring after it blooms.

Pinching back will help rather than cutting the woody stems and help it to bush out.
I dare anyone to smell the fragrant flowers of this plant in bloom and not want one for there own garden. This shrub has a reputation of being difficult to grow ,and well, it can be. It does not like having its roots disturbed once planted. Do not dig around the base or plant things in its root area. Root rot can be a problem if it is too wet. Voles can be a problem as they love to munch on roots and death will follow for the plant.

Season of Bloom
Late Winter and early spring.
3'-4' tall by 3-4 feet wide.
Flower Color
white or rosy pink.
slightly acid, peaty, well-drained soils.
Full Sun only if morning sun..part shade is best in the Carolinas.
cuttings in summer.