green chili

The sweet type of peppers, especially the bells, traditionally have been the most popular in the United States. Hot Chili Peppers are quickly becoming favorites in the garden as well. Peppers are not fond of frost so do not plant outside until the danger of frost has passed. Peppers love warm weather and warm soil.

Harvested peppers should be kept cool to retard spoilage and removed from the garden soon after harvest.

Cultivation should be done only when necessary to control weeds, usually every 10 days. The cultivations should be shallow. Don't permit machinery to touch the plants since this will injure the plant and spread diseases.

Do not select a soil that had cotton, tobacco, eggplant, peppers or Irish potatoes the previous year. Practice crop rotation to control rootknot, bacterial spot, and other diseases. It is always recommended you take a soil sample to your county extension to be sure you have proper nutrients in the soil.

A few recommendations:

Hybrid Bell Bell Boy(70 days to harvest; goes green to red)

Lady Bell (72 days; goes green to red)

Purple Belle (70 days; immature purple, black to red)

Chocolate Bell
(75 days; green to chocolate brown)
Sweet Frying or Salad Type.

Gypsy (65 days to harvest; pale yellow to orange to red)

Sweet Banana (70 days; pale yellow to orange to red)

Hot Peppers Cayenne, large thick (70 days to harvest)

Cayenne, long
, slim (73 days)

Jalapeno (70 days) Red Chili (84 days)