Grow potatoes in full sun. Potatoes grow best in soft loamy soil,with good drianage. Potatos should be rotated on a 3-year program. Potato tubers grow best when soil temperatures range between 60 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

Plant potato "eyes" into the garden just before the last frost date for your area. Plant "Eyes" in hills.
Place two to three eyes per hill, and cover with 3" of garden soil. The purpose of hilling potatoes is twofold — to control weeds and to prevent greening of shallow tubers.

When you mound loose soil around the base of the growing plants, you smother out weeds and at the same time provide more room for growth. Space hills one foot apart. only use certified seed Potatoes.

A good fertilizer for potatoes contain low levels of Nitrogen, and high levels of phosphorus. 6-24-24, or 8-24-24, are good fertilizers for potatoes.

As the plants grow, mound additional soil around the plants every week or two. Do not let the tubers or potatoes be exposed to sunlight. Harvest your potatoes 2 to 3-weeks after the plants have finished flowering. At this time you will only find small or new potatoes if you were to dig up a plant. Potatoes can be harvested any time after this.

Gently loosen the soil, reaching under the plant, and remove the largest tubers, leave the smaller ones so they can continue growing.