Growing your own vegetables can be one of the most satisfying and cost effective aspects of gardening. Even if you are not in love with flowers you can still be a gardener with vegetables.

You first must choose the right spot for your garden area. Should be near a water source and easily accessable to your home. it is best to layout your garden bed so you can access the plants without having to step into the garden bed itself. Walking ontop of your garden area will compact the soil, consider adding extra soil to create raised rows you can walk between to work in the garden.

Most vegetables will need at least 6 hours of direct sunight each day. Most vegetable gardens require about 1 inch of water per week.

Some vegetables such as Squash may take a bit more to mature. plants perform best when the water is applied as infrequent, deep irrigations rather than frequent, shallow waterings. Keeping a rain barrel near the garden is one way to make watering easier and more accessible.more susceptible to disease.


The Major Plant Families and When These Should Be Planted
  • Onion Family – Light feeders, must be planted after the soil enrichers or heavy absorbers
  • Cabbage Family – Heavy absorbers, should be planted after legumes. Once these have been harvested, you have three options: let the planting area be fallow for one season, plant a cover crop next, or add compost to your garden.
  • Lettuce Family –Like the above, they are heavy nitrogen feeders. These must be followed with legumes.
  • Beet Family – They also require lots of nutrients. Legumes must follow any member of this plant family.
  • Grass Family – Follow these plants with any tomato family member.
  • Bean Family –These are soil-building crops. You can plant these before or after planting any member of the other plant families.
  • Tomato Family – Considered heavy feeders. Must be planted after grass family members. Legumes must follow these plants.
  • Squash Family –Heavy absorbers of nutrients. These must be planted after grass family members and should be followed with legumes.
  • Carrot Family –Light to Medium Absorbers. Plants in this category can follow members of any other plant group. You can let your garden sit for one season or you can follow these with onions or legumes.